Map of Cerjanska pecina surroundings

Map of surroundigs of Cerjanska pecina (gif, 19 k)

  Ponor Provalije is the swallow hole of Provalija stream and the entrance to Cerjanska pecina, at 515 m a.s.l. Tracing experiments confirmed its connection with Kravljansko vrelo spring at 310 m a.s.l. The pothole Jama iznad Kravljanskog vrela is located near the cave galleries, and probably connected with them.

The pit Cerjanska propast is the swallow hole of a nearby stream, and it was believed that it drains towards Cerjanska pecina. Therefore, a system of connecting galleries was expected to be found. However, the geological survey indicates that this is not possible, because Cerjanska propast lies beyond a fault and a lithological barrier. It is almost certain that its waters are drained norhtwards along the fault zone to Vrelo Dragovac spring. Numerous small springs in the first 2 km of the main gallery of Cerjanska pecina are most probably drained from a small aquifer in sandstones and shales which form the core of the syncline which comprises the cave.

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