Jama u Crkvenom dolu

Survey of Jama u Crkvenom dolu, "V.M. Manda", 1994. (gif, 9 k)

Jama u Crkvenom dolu was explored in 1994 on an expedition organized by "D.I. V.M. Manda". It was 393 meters deep then. In 2001, a new expedition was organized by cavers from AKG Krakow from Poland. Members of ASAK joined them. A bypass was found, and the cave was explored to the depth of 444 m. In july 2005, AKG Krakow managed to descend further to 453 m, reaching a siphon.   DENIVELATION -453 m
  LOCATION: Crkveni do, Stozina peak,
Mt. Moracka kapa
(Niksic, Montenegro)

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