Jama u Lanistu  
Jama u Lanistu is located on the western contact of the Miroc karst oasis, in a small doline at the end of a short periodic stream. This is a very simple cave, formed along a single cascading gallery. While the width of the gallery rarely exceeds 2 m, its height is constantly well over 15 m, which is the evidence of a rapid entrenching of the passage. The bottom of the cave is located at the depth of 272 m, in a boulder chamber formed on the junction with the only affluent passage.

Jama u Lanistu is located only 1 km from Rakin ponor. Altough it is deeper than Rakin ponor, whose bottom reaches the water table level (at 124 m a.s.l), Jama u Lanistu having a higher entrance at 440 m a.s l. descends only to 168 m a.s.l.

The cave was explored by ASAK in September of 1990.

Survey of Jama u Lanistu (gif, 8 k)


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